In Memoriam

Again, this year Lesley Elizabeth, Inc. has chosen to honor a late employee, Cathy Moore, who passed away in 2004 after battling stage 4 breast cancer for over 4 years. Cathy worked for Lesley Elizabeth over 10 years before she lost her battle. She helped shape this company into what it is today. She is also the mother to two beautiful children, Josh & Amelia, and was sassy, spontaneous, funny and a joy to be around. She could light up any room with her infectious laugh and amazing smile.

Cathy chose to have her treatments done with Karmanos Cancer Institute in Detroit because of their variety of treatment options, use of experimental treatments, reputations for care and support to their patients and their vast experience with fighting cancer. She showed what true strength and determination is by not only fighting cancer for as long as she did but also by participating in experimental treatments in hopes of being able to help others long after she was gone.

Lesley Elizabeth is honoring Cathy, her memory and fight by donating a portion of the proceeds from every bottle sold of our Limited Edition Wicked Good Salt, during the month of October, to Karmanos Cancer Institute.

Cathy’s love for her children, horses, camping, unplanned adventures, bonfires and a damn good margarita still lives in our hearts and in the building blocks of our company.
You can learn more about Karmanos Cancer Institution by visiting their website:

Our Fondest Memories of Cathy

"Well....does that bring back memories! I can just see Cathy beavering away in the warehouse . Always a smile. How we all miss her. As for anecdotes, I'm really bad at that. I do remember however the time we were at the Show, Cathy bravely sporting a headscarf, and the woman owner from one of our competitors came rushing from the booth to give Cathy a hug. It just made Cathy's day so much easier to bear. I guess that shows us the thorough kindness of people who share a burden." ~ Lizzie, Founder

"My main memory is of Cathy as Gavin's occasional babysitter. She came over with Josh and Amelia to watch a very young Gavin. We were going around the corner to the Taylor's for dinner. Gavin was having some sort of separation anxiety, so when we left to go out, he started screaming bloody murder...Mommy, please don't go, please don't go. He was hanging onto my leg for dear life. Cathy literally had to pry his hands from my body. She said, 'Wendy, please get in the car and leave. I promise in 5 minutes, he'll be fine and will have forgotten all about you.' I got in the car, feeling like a horrible Mother. I called when we got to the Taylor's, and sure enough, he was happily playing with Josh and Amelia!! As usual, Cathy was right!!" ~ Wendy, CO-Founder

"Upon arrival for a planned visit to Michigan, Cathy surprised me by giving me a gift of a Macadamia Nut Lei. Confused I questioned the reason for such an odd gift, being that we were in Michigan not Hawaii. Cathy's response "Now I've lei'd you!" On that, she returned to her work giggling along the way. A memory I will never forget!" ~ Rupert, President

"I will never forget arriving at our hotel in NYC for our first Summer Fancy Food Show and realizing that the two of us, small town girls were in the big city!! We checked out our room and were totally amazed by the view of the sunset behind the Chrysler Building! We were in heaven after discovering there was hot apple strudel with the best vanilla ice cream on the room service menu, which we of course order each of the 4 nights we were there. A few years later and in the height of Cathy's treatments we were again in NYC preparing for the summer show when I received the news that my father in law also had cancer. This struck me very hard and Cathy said to me without hesitation; 'We're going to go out and get drunk on the city!' I was worried about getting back to the room and Cathy said 'Well, if you get too drunk I will go get one of those bell hop carts, pour your sorry butt onto it and wheel you upstairs!'

Cathy never wanted to be treated differently just because she had cancer. One night while we were enjoying a 'damn good margarita' she asked me to promise her something. She asked that I not take pity on her, be nice to her and agree with everything she said. She said 'then I'll know that I'm really sick if you do.' From then I made sure to stick to my promise by arguing with her about everything which in turn had us picking on each other. That went on for the entire 4 years she battled cancer.

One last memory I want to share is during Cathy's treatments she, lost most of her hair and was feeling self-conscious about it. She didn't feel comfortable going to a salon to get her head shaved, so I volunteered to do it. When I finished, Cathy was seated at my kitchen table with a scarf on as my daughter walked into the room and asked Cathy how she was feeling. Cathy then pulled off her head scarf and said "I was fine until your Mom got done with me, now I'm bald!" My daughter's eyes got to be the size of silver dollars from the shock of seeing Cathy without any hair; Cathy laughed and laughed. That was my friend Cathy. Always there with a smile. Always supportive. Always a true friend. I miss her each day, but I'm a better person for having known her." ~ Sally, COO

"Cathy was not only a coworker, she was an an huge inspiration to me as well. She was courageous and determined. No matter how she felt, you would find her at work every day. She always gave it her all. I also had health issues and needed a kidney transplant. On the mornings I was feeling my worst I would still get up and get ready for work because I knew Cathy would be there. If Cathy was going to be there, so was I. I miss her and thank her for the lessons she taught me." ~ Mary, Former Colleague & Friend