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Lesley Elizabeth, Inc. is proud to be one of the local green businesses in Lapeer, MI. Taking steps toward producing a sustainable product and saving our planet is important to us. We believe that true change begins with small habits. That's why "go green" is a running theme throughout our business model from the products we make to the bottles they come in.

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Starting as early as 2013, Lesley Elizabeth has taken important steps in becoming a more GREEN-friendly company. We strive to provide all of our customers with the highest of quality, clean and honest products they can trust while keeping our environment in mind.

We began this transition by participating in a recycling program for our clear plastic, corrugate and paper waste instead of sending this to the landfill.

In 2018 we transitioned the packaging of our spice, sugar and salt blends into an Eco-friendly, recyclable, reusable and BPA-free PET plastic bottle.

In October 2019 we eliminated our in place foam machine for shipping and started using recyclable bubble. This new recyclable bubble has allowed us to use smaller boxes, creating less waste.

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Not sure where to recycle our packaging? Visit this recycling database to find a location near you!