About Us

Named for our founder, Lesley Elizabeth (a.k.a. Lizzie), whose love of cooking created our company's legacy of flavor. Born in Northern England, Lizzie's first memory of food was helping her grandmother shell peas while the family faced food shortages. After the war, the family traveled in the summer to the Mediterranean Coast in the South of France. Even today, Lizzie tells the story, with eyes sparkling, of her childhood summers, air laden with rosemary and lavender and delicious family meals featuring savory pasta and rice.

Her love of nurturing people through healthy and flavorful food led her to developing recipes that were quick and delicious. She founded the company in 1991, to offer her custom blended oils, spices and mixes to people longing for flavor without hours of chopping and prep work in the kitchen. Even in retirement, she continues to help develop new products by blending ingredients from her original imagination, extensive cooking experience and exotic travel.

Lesley Elizabeth's products include more than 50 varieties of versatile, seasoned oils for sautéing, basting, marinating and other oil applications. Other items include seasoning blends to enhance any kitchen with unique, quick and simple seasoning options, seasoned salts, fruit balsamic vinegars and fruit flavored sugars as well as our savory sugars. All products are certified kosher by Kosher Michigan, Vegetarian, Vegan and all-natural. We have a vast selection of products that are fully planted based as well.

Today, Lesley Elizabeth, Inc. in Lapeer, Michigan, has over 20,000 square feet of manufacturing space and employs a workforce who faithfully reproduces Lizzie's original recipes to her exacting quality standards. We are in the business to serve you, our customers, with the highest quality product in the industry. Our commitment to personal customer service is paramount.